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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Designer Chocolate Baby Grands

When I looking the images in the book I have no question, that I have to do this shiny and beautiful cakes. I pass the stud banana cake because it was seemed too much to have the chocolate cakes with time interval less then at least 2 weeks.
I like this cakes so much. It is ideal size and very delicate taste - and so moist and light in texture, but the result is far from designer’s work. And the reason why the cakes is not so beautiful like they are can be is the puffed top. I didn't find even one flat top throw the HCB bloggers.
I wouldn't go into the details of preparing and baking procedure, but the greasing of 14 small foil cupcakes forms.
First I used PAM spray for each one, after I finished the last I realized that the spray in the first is already on the bottom. I took my brush and distribute the spray on the sides. When I started to brush the fifth, sides of my first were almost clean and the spray already dropped down. The solution was to use the flour immediately after applying the spray for each case.

After the batter was dividing into the cupcakes. Maybe this was the time to understand that I should use more units to get the flat top effect at the end.
After 15 minutes cakes came from the oven already puffed.
Applying the syrup. I placed my cupcakes into new foil liners.
A couple of pictures from Lacquer glaze stage, because I really enjoy it:
And here the glazed, not really designer’s, chocolate baby cakes.

In conclusion I have to say that I loved this cakes so much. I consider that the Lacquer glaze in this recipe has not only decorating purpose - this is essential taste element and the sweetness of the milk chocolate syrup perfectly complements the bitterness of the glaze. So I definitely going to extend the list of my favorite cakes.


  1. I've made these twice now - the first time I misread the recipe and made 12. They rose above the top of the cupcake liners so I opted to cover them with something other than the lacquer glaze. The second time I carefully weighed each ingredient (in grams) and divided the batter among the recommended 14 liners (33-34 grams of batter each). Same thing - they rose too high. I'm going to give them one more try before I get angry (20-25 grams each???). Maybe Rose didn't use standard cupcake liners from the grocery store like the rest of us.


  2. They look pretty even if not perfectly flat!

  3. I'll also try to do these cakes again they are so pretty. And will make more then 14, or maybe I'll found foil liners have bigger size. Now I have no more idea how to get this flat look of the top.

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