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Monday, 26 April 2010

Coffee Chiffonlets with Dulce de Leche Whipped Cream

I just back home after 2 week of vacation and feel that I have to bake the next cake. I found have at home everything I need for this delicious cake even I have already prepared ahead Dulce de Leche and basic sugar syrup.

So I quickly fill up the fridge with fresh eggs and started.

I didn't have mini angel-food cake pans, so I used my regular bottom detached pan for Angel food, which I really love.

I just have a little doubts about to skip a greasing step. Rose writes do not grease non-stick angel food pan, but my pan is a regular one. From other hand I remember that in angel food baking it is necessary not grease the pan, because it is one of the leavening factors. Here we use a baking powder in recipe. I decided to follow resipe and at the end I have a little problem to invert my cake immediately on the rack. It was sticked to a bottom. So I run small spatula around edges of pan to loosen cake and after that invert cake on the rack. When the cake was cool completely I applyied syrup and keep it for the next day. It was seem like there to much syrup for the cake and I afraid that I will found the cake shapeless for the next day, but ...
This is how it looks on the day after with syrup

Last stage - to whip the cream was completed 20 minutes before my guests come into the house.
I enlarged recipe of whipped cream by 150% especially for whipped cream lovers, but I have not enough time to finish the cake with splashes of bittersweet chocolate.

Tasting panel:
It is so light, just delicious.
I'll definitely bake this cake again. The cream just melt in your mouth and syrup gives the cake a real coffee flavor.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Two birthday cakes.

I have been absent last 2 weeks. And don't participate in the Passover first cake baking. Really I filling I missed something very interesting and tasty, because I'm a meringue lover. There are 2 cakes took up all my time. Two birthday cake one is for my uncle 75 anniversary

To decorate this cake I used idea from Rose's Heavenly Cakes. This is the first time I decorated cake away from my kitchen so please excuse my glaze on the sides is not really shiny and smooth. Here my mother did the half work and this one was quite simple. This amazing cake 3 layers of short cut pastry, 2 meringue layers and filled with sour cream frosting layered with cranberry pure. This cake is very light in texture and taste is amazing.

And one another I made it for my daughter 8 year’s birthday. Before 2 month we agreed to make a cake with two magic Winx girls. So in my imagination I was ready to make two sugar paste girls with big wings - one in blue and one in pink color with a lot of pearl dust and flowers. But in the last minutes she changed her mind. Few time I spent in prostration. I have had no idea how to make a "Harry Potter" birthday cake with Golden Snitch for a little girl. And here is the result of my efforts.

And more

There was no time to make step by step picture for this cake (it took a lot), but my proud is the biggest Genoise I ever baked. This how it looks in the oven.

On one hand my daughter never agrees for a chocolate kind of cake for her birthday, but on the other hand I know that the rest children like chocolate. To make all them happy this Genouise was then split in half by length and filled with a lot of whipped chocolate ganache cream.(from the "Cake Bible").

Tasting Panel for the first cake:

I could write here a lot of compliments to taste of the first cake and send it to my mother. There is a fantastic combination of crispy meringue, sour cream filling and cranberries. And a finishing touch of bittersweet chocolate ganache.

Tasting Panel for the second cake:
Classic Genouise - is a winner in our family tasting panel. I use to bake it for my daughter birthday since she was 4 years old.
I found that Genouise is an excellent as a base for cake covered with sugar paste and it is tender enough to support all this figurines I placed on the top.