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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Peanut Butter Ingots (Financier) - French mini-cakes

I like a cakes containing peanut butter, I like the cakes containing almonds and my special passion after I got my first book of Julia Child (5-6 years ago) smile of “beurre nousette”.

Since I have my own "Cake of bible" and did Genoise of Rose first. It is great to have the "beurre noisette" every time on hand and I like to use it also in savory food especially with potato. So I was waiting for this week with impatience. But even this was not save the mini-cakes ...

The recipe I read it at leas 3 times very attentive.
I weighed every ingredient carefully and had the oven spot on 190 C.
Also recipe - was look simple enough. Just only one thing was make me fill not well for 100%. I forgot to buy silicon mold. Now I understand very important thing if you forgot something it is really bad, there is no reason to be stupid.

First whipping whites in my new mixer gone wrong. I don’t know why I used 2-3 position but after 3 minutes of whipping it was looks:

Ok at this step I found how to improve the situation - I took my old hand mixer and bring the whites in a right consistence and then back it to the place. Meanwhile the "beurre noisette" was bearded. I quickly took the rest of my clarified butter and one more time bring it to boiling

I added the mixed flour, "beurre noisette" and, of course peanut butter. After that my batter was look very nice.

Until last minute I have a doubt to make the Ingots in the muffin pan or to pipe it from the pastry bag. I liked how it looks on the picture in the book. So I decided to pipe the batter. When the ingots were piped on the baked sheet I realized that I'm going to skip the step, I had have not enough time to freeze. I baked immediately and I failed cakes were look like this:

Testing panel: The Shape doesn't matter.

I have to make the financiers again, but before I'll buy the mold.


  1. Svetlana you are right.. at the end it does not matter what they look like as long as they taste yummy!

    They look like, cookies!

  2. I agree with Monica, looks like cookies!

  3. They look almost like madeleines--and if the taste is good, what does the appearance matter anyway?

  4. I think they look great! You can use a muffin or cupcake pan instead, quite a few of us did that.

  5. I'm with your tasting panel, Svetlana, the shape doesn't matter. I'll bet they were delicious!

    I think I was away the week you began baking with HCB. Welcome to our group!

  6. Welcome to the HCB'ers!

    These little cakes seem to forgive everything!