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Saturday, 6 March 2010


Starting point.
2 days ahead prepare the Lekvar.
For me dried apricots is an excelent as they are. It was hard to believe that it is possible to make them better. Here first step finished. Yummy.. Next morning, it was great to spread it on the fresh bread with a cup of coffee for the breakfast.

1 day ahead making the roll.
First I prepared the Apricot ganache. Actually not apricot, because Cointreau was used instead of apricot brandy, but worked even better.
While the ganache is setting there a lot of time to make the roll. I'm afraid that only me will be able to eat this kind of ganache It has a taste of a really bittersweet chocolate.

Although I had on hand a lot of syrup from one of previously baked cakes I'll glaze the cake on the next day only, so I decided to not soak the cake with the syrup. I wasn't disappointed! The rest of ganache applied on the top of cake for better "look".

Now roll is ready and look very nice, cannot wait till the next day.

4 ours before a dinner:

The most intriguis step coming. I like to make the chocolate glaze especialy I like to see how it become shiny and smooth.
Cream added to a glaze mix:

And the finish point glaze the roll:

Yes! It is shining right here. Very elegant cake for romantic Saturday dinner.

By the way, while I was sitting with my post the cake has gone.


  1. ב''ה

    Looks great! Welcome to the HCB's!

  2. Beautiful!! I look forward to seeing your cakes.

  3. It turned out perfectly! Great to have you baking with us. It's loads of fun.

  4. Great story and how beautifully it turned out!!!!!! joan