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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Gateau Breton - Buttery and Amazing French cake.

I searched a little in the net for "Gateau Breton" and like for the main part of French food I found a lot information in French . It was really interesting since I know in french something about 20 words including "gâteau" and "breton".
One or two alternative recipe are mentioned that the traditional "gâteau" should be made from buckwheat flour.

One could be found here : But I already learned two very thingth. One trust to Rose and another if I want to make a changes I should do it in the next time. I keep in my mind to by buckwheat flour and then make it again.)

Starting point.Beat in the egg yolks one by one Just before oven. Half our after starting point - cake already in the oven.

I placed my tart plate on a baking sheet to insulate it a bit. I think my cake turned out a little bit overbaked although I started to check it with oven thermometer each 5 minutes after 35 minutes. The outer edges were not over done, but as the Rose described cake has to be moist in center, but my cake has almost the same texture in any measure. Maybe there should be considered the fact that I used that I used 284 gr. of butter.

Tasting panel: delicious, buttery... and sweet.

I brought it to a friend’s dinner. By the way the smell fill up the car...

I'm going to add this cake into a list of favorites.


  1. Me too--I've got a stash of blanched almonds in my freezer now, so I can make it any time!

  2. These are the kind of cakes that my italian grandmothers use to make, quick, easy and delicious! I just took mine out of the oven, and if it taste just as yummy as the smell while it cools.. then I'm sure I will be another baker putting it on the favorite list.